Back in the land where there is electricity and occasional Internet – I can start sending the occasional missive.

Ok, it’s was ridiculously, stupendously, awesomely, jaw droppingly beautiful (seriously, there aren’t enough superlatives….. So from now on just insert your own from now on). The landscape we walked through today was stunning. Much of the time we simply walked in silence, just drinking it in. I am afraid that our photos can’t begin to do it justice. There is a vastness that can’t be captured.

We will do a quick review of the day here and there is another other post (Green Tangbe) that is also part of today’s hike.


A 7 am start takes us through the village of Kangbeni, north towards Chhusang.


The village is waking up, taking the goats through the village and up into the mountains for the day



The rising sun shines on the mountain…

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