A three hour tour…

The first item in preplanning of course is the pedicure. Must take those feet from lobster claws to fabulous and make them ready for prime time. I feel sorry for the little Chinese lady who had to toil away over my 10 little piggies. But Marianna's lady said hers were worse…

They turned out pretty well…considering.
All packed and finally off! We managed to make it across the boarder, even though Marianna was driving. Even driving at 3 miles an hour, we still managed to jump a couple of curbs. My heart was beating hard when we realized that we were in the truck lane at customs and Marianna pulled a giant U-turn and drove across 7 lanes and all the way across the Customs plaza. I'm surprised they didn't take us and for possible drunkenness.

The flight from Detroit to LA was packed. Marianna and I found our seat and were arranging our carry-on baggage when a very, very large man, smelling strongly of garlic sat down in our little row of three.

No problem, we decided that we would switch seats half way through the flight so that neither Marianna nor I had to spend the entire flight squashed Against a sweaty fat garlicky man. We could never have predicted the nightmare that would follow on this fateful flight.…




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