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Neckboards on sale at the library

Take an hour on November 12th to drop by the Riverside Library…


In praise of rusty things…

Myths, like art, are attempts to catch a glimpse of undiscovered country. They take everyday existence and transform it into something remarkable. It is through these stories that misfortunes are transformed into adventures, attractions are transformed into everlasting love, and the process of life and death is transformed into a magnificent mechanism that operates beyond our line of sight.”     ~Michael deMeng

The following photographs are a series that studies what was left behind.

I find color,  interest and design in the chaos.  My eye wants to wander around –  follow the lines, find the small things, look for treasure.

rusty things-8

rusty things-9rusty things-16

rusty things-10

rusty things-12

rusty things-19

rusty things-18

rusty things-27

rusty things-21

rusty things-23

rusty things-22

rusty things-20

rusty things-26

rusty things-15

Exhilarated by the Avenue of Live Oaks

When you do foolish things, do them with enthusiasm

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Dirty, oily, rusty can be so good

WEA Arts Circus – extraordinary!

The WEA* Arts Circus was another stunner.   A surprise bequest topped off a great evening!                                  

The old BARN – they don’t make them like this any more…

Another in THE GREAT INDOORS series