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Election Results

I’ll quote MLK on how I feel about the results of the Windsor municipal election – “And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream…”

Be right back…

So sorry, I left my poor blog alone and went off with Twitter and other social media (fickle girl). I’ll be right back.

Caffeine freak!

I just have to Percolate at least one thing each evening – tonight it is my in the forest painting.  Why am I drawn to circles?

OLD, NEW fangled

mental Perhaps I’m stuck in a rut or maybe my fingers are just too fat but the tiny iphone keyboard typing is not sitting well with me.  I’m just not that fast and it’s driving me a bit batty when I want to make a quick list.  SO, I’m trying Mental Note and UYH.  Both seem to be working well for what I need.  No good really without a stylus…oh yes, I got one…love it!

Percolated neckboard

Here’s a fresh brewed neckboard – just run through Percolator.   Mod…like my pants.   Ya baby.Percolated neckboard

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How am I going to string this…

Testing out different shapes – I like it

Rugged, yet elegant

Small green dots

Pink ‘n blue

Radical neck

A neckboard with attituude – recycle your board. I want your old boards


Oooo! 3d house of Neckboard


A striking Neckboard. Wouldn`t this baby look nice paired with a little black dress too…


Jewellery made from skateboard decks. Upcycled and fab!

Neckboard on neck

Large neckboard – recycled skateboard, riding around your neck!

Green with envy

How about this froggy green Neckboard riding around your neck? Recycled skateboard + art = a beautiful piece of jewellery.


Ready for the wedding


I’ve been watching you

Love this