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In praise of rusty things…

Myths, like art, are attempts to catch a glimpse of undiscovered country. They take everyday existence and transform it into something remarkable. It is through these stories that misfortunes are transformed into adventures, attractions are transformed into everlasting love, and the process of life and death is transformed into a magnificent mechanism that operates beyond our line of sight.”     ~Michael deMeng

The following photographs are a series that studies what was left behind.

I find color,  interest and design in the chaos.  My eye wants to wander around –  follow the lines, find the small things, look for treasure.

rusty things-8

rusty things-9rusty things-16

rusty things-10

rusty things-12

rusty things-19

rusty things-18

rusty things-27

rusty things-21

rusty things-23

rusty things-22

rusty things-20

rusty things-26

rusty things-15

It’s bloomin’ in da hood

Out for a quick bike ride through the neighborhood to see spring in full bloom. All the magnolias and fruit trees are exploding with flowers, the streets and lawns are awash in petals.












Exhilarated by the Avenue of Live Oaks

When you do foolish things, do them with enthusiasm

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A visit to the Henry Ford – incredible!


One last picture

Can’t help it, just as I’m ready to completely disconnect from the electronic world, I have to post one more picture. This is a cup of apple tea- taken at the rooftop garden cafe of the Niles hotel in Istanbul. Mmmmmmm…

OLD, NEW fangled

mental Perhaps I’m stuck in a rut or maybe my fingers are just too fat but the tiny iphone keyboard typing is not sitting well with me.  I’m just not that fast and it’s driving me a bit batty when I want to make a quick list.  SO, I’m trying Mental Note and UYH.  Both seem to be working well for what I need.  No good really without a stylus…oh yes, I got one…love it!

I took a walk downtown

On Sunday, I went to the Made in Windsor Craft Market and took a walk downtown.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, downtown can be a beautiful place.

I’m a cover girl

Looks like I’ll be working on the cover if Windsor’s Activity Guide Magazine for a few more seasons at least. I like being a cover girl.  Here are candidates of the next couple of covers.

 willistead 1central pool 1

Photo shoot at Central pool

Not a very exciting venue really.  there was only one spot that I could shoot and not get any swimmers in the picture.  This is a potential Activity Guide cover.  I’m not thrilled about the look, I hoping we can find something a bit more dynamic and with a bit more zing –  but I’m the photographer, not the client.  Hopefully, I can give just what they are looking for.

Willistead Manor upstairs dining room


Willistead downstairs

Ready for the wedding


Bathroom stalls in Istanbul

Recycling to a new level


Polkadots are here!

I’ve just finished the polkadots collection – of Neckboards that is. Here’s a peek…

Mike and Kathy had a wonderful wedding.  Click on the picture to see their wedding pictures.

I finally have my Neckboard shop working!

It took a lot of work  figure out how to get e-commerce set up on my website.  I’m testing it out with my Neckboards.  Everything seems to work well – I have actually had a sale!  Problem is… I can’t change the shipping cost.  I’ll figure it out sooner or later.