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Neckboards on sale at the library

Take an hour on November 12th to drop by the Riverside Library…


In praise of rusty things…

Myths, like art, are attempts to catch a glimpse of undiscovered country. They take everyday existence and transform it into something remarkable. It is through these stories that misfortunes are transformed into adventures, attractions are transformed into everlasting love, and the process of life and death is transformed into a magnificent mechanism that operates beyond our line of sight.”     ~Michael deMeng

The following photographs are a series that studies what was left behind.

I find color,  interest and design in the chaos.  My eye wants to wander around –  follow the lines, find the small things, look for treasure.

rusty things-8

rusty things-9rusty things-16

rusty things-10

rusty things-12

rusty things-19

rusty things-18

rusty things-27

rusty things-21

rusty things-23

rusty things-22

rusty things-20

rusty things-26

rusty things-15

She’s been around…

This baby has been rode hard. Handmade from a skateboard that looks like it has been around the world and back. Think about wearing all that speed and joy around your neck. Think about the stories this Neckboard could tell. It is the scrapes and the scuffs that make a Neckboard something special. Zebra stripes lilac and black…it’s an original!

Check out the rest of the latest batch of one-of-a-kind skateboard necklaces HERE


I finally managed to get a few new (broken, smashed, scuffed) skateboards! I advertised on kijiji and got a response fro “schizo skater”. He has several boards he’d trashed and was willing to donate to the cause. I met Schizo at a Tim Hortons and he was a real sweetheart. I gave him a couple of keychains with skateboard dongles and thanked him profusely. It really is great when someone is willing to help me out with a donation!

I can’t tell how much usable area I can get from each one, but it looks like I may get some interesting art.

It will be too hot for the next few days to get any cut up, but I’m almost finished working the grip tape off. It’s a dirty job.

hopefully, in 3 or 4 weeks, you’ll see me posting photos of the Neckboards I made from these boards.

Big, bold, beautiful

Complexity. This large Neckboard has a lot going on. Purple is splashed across the surface to top up some premium scuff work done by a wild skater. Black calms the left side of the necklace down and provides a pool for four gold tadpoles to swim to the top. Gold rivets down the center hold it all together. Everyone sees something different when they look at this handmade necklace.


This upcycled skateboard necklace and many others are available for online purchase HERE

Basic black and cool

Jet black and so smooth it looks as though it’s made of glass. This upcycled skateboard is cool, confident and ever-so-funky. Black is statement of the necklace, but little shoots of yellow, white dots and a quirky little red and white flag bring it up to another level. The board this Neckboard was made from was one of those seldom seen beauties, with layers of teal tinted maple sandwiched between natural wood. Finished off with a stainless steel cable and a great, no-fiddle magnetic clasp…nice.


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Here is one for a skater

This Neckboard is for a real skater. Almost all of the art on this necklace is clean deck art – hard to find on a well travelled board. Sharp, edgy, a real statement. The warm layers of maple beneath the funky deck art make an interesting contrast. People will take note of you with this handmade Neckboard floating around your neck on a thin, super strong, nylon covered stainless steel chord. $30.

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Layered gold

Could this complex gold on gold creation really have been a skateboard at one time? The seven layers of alternating light and dark maple showing on the side of the necklace say yes. Around your neck, this Neckboard looks more like liquid gold swirling in glass. Look closely at this stunning piece, you’ll see gold in 2 tones, hints of green and yellow peeking out from behind and black dots floating over top. The back of this necklace is maple, stained a medium grey and showing the wood grain. It’s deep…

Many more Neckboards are available for purchase at my website HERE All of these handmade beauties are carefully crafted, using the best materials. Saving broken skateboard decks and giving them a new life makes recycling a beautiful thing.

Jungle love

It’s dark in the jungle. Hints of sunlight light up the bright green leaves. Bamboo waves gently in the wind. This upcycled skateboard gives me the feeling of jungle. Some great scuffs add to the feeling of movement. Imagine this handmade Neckboard around your neck when you are stepping out wearing that cute little black dress. $30.

This Neckboard and almost 70 other one of a kind creations can be purchased from my website. click here to go there –

Flutter by…

This Neckboard is unlike any other that I’ve made before. The art on the skateboard was completely scraped off from some hard riding so there was a blank canvas to work with. I thought I’d try something different. The butterfly flutters up from below to link up with circles and polkadots. Unique. $30.


All Neckboards are handmade from recycled skateboards. You can access the Neckboard shop through my website click here to go there now

This is a keeper

This is my very favorite Neckboard of the last batch I made. I like it so much, I think I’ll have to keep it – that’s the only perk of being the artist. This is a Neckboard that looks equally fab with jeans or an evening gown. It has some great natural scuffs down the center, balanced by the smooth black and white on either side. It matches everything and looks great naked too!

I have a line on some new boards so look for another batch coming up in August sometime.


Almost 70 one-of-a-kind Neckboards are available now online Click here to get to my website

Peace, baby

Purple, lilac and green combine to make this upcycled skateboard a distinctive necklace.  A peace sign near the center gives it some added flair and makes a statement too.  A few scuffs left over from the freedom of the ride make it complete.  Seven layers of natural maple riding on nylon covered, stainless steel that closes with a silver magnetic clasp…that’s a Neckboard.  Handmade with love & peace, baby.

Day Seven

Neckboards can be purchased through my website –


Classic style

Black, white, brown and gold combine to create a semi-formal (yet still funky) Neckboard.  This baby has geometric style with a quirky little line diagram thrown in to mix it up.  The back of the Neckboard is natural maple and it rides on a thin line of nylon coated stainless steel.  The whole thing is held together by a super strong magnetic clasp and 2 onyx beads.   $30

Day Six

Neckboards can be purchased through my website at  Go to the SHOP tab.

Lilac jazz

Whimsical comes to mind when you see this Neckboard.  A rare one, cut from a skateboard in pastel hues of lilac, lime and white.  This is a large Neckboard, but it won’t overpower.  The back of the board is natural maple and the sides are alternating light and dark layers of natural maple.  All my Neckboards are handmade, one of a kind pieces of art that you can wear.


Day Five

All the Neckboards featured in the Neckboard-a-day campaign can be purchased through my website at  Go to the SHOP tab

Green Tiger

The NeckBoard for today makes me think of the jungle.  Green and black with a hint of white and some excellent scrapes and scuffs added by a hard-riding skateboarder.  This necklace was made from a great board, with alternating layers of natural and turquoise stained wood – check out the side view below.

Day Four

Side view

Peeking Aqua

Deep aqua peeks out from behind a smooth surface of black and white on today’s NeckBoard. Below a layer of crystal clear resin is yin and yang  – one side in tranquil white and the other in aqua, showing the distress of a well used skateboard.  Three layers of natural maple are sandwiched between two layers of aqua-stained maple on each side.  The silver magnetic clasp makes this NeckBoard a breeze to put on and remove…no more fiddling with tiny clasps.

Day Three

Purple scuff

The NeckBoard for today is a rare one.  Most of the skateboards I get are pretty well travelled – meaning they have been so scuffed and scraped and pounded that there is very little of the original “board art” left on them.  This board had some great art.  It is often the scuff marks that make it really special and give the NeckBoard a funky, unique look.  I love the scuffs on this baby!

Day Two

The NeckBoard-a-day campaign begins…

I am almost finished a new batch of NeckBoards – whew!  It was a long process this time because I was trying to squeeze all the cutting, sanding, painting, drilling, resining (is that a word?) and stringing in around a 10 week old puppy and her constant shenanigans.  To celebrate this milestone, today begins the “NeckBoard a day” campaign.  Each day, a new creation will be showcased.

Day One

Today’s NeckBoard is big and beautiful in black and gold and copper.  This is the largest size I make – not huge, just bold enough to make a statement.  Elegant and sophisticated, the jet black on this board contrasts nicely with the overlaid gold and copper.  Made from a recycled skateboard, it features alternating layers of light and dark maple and sports a blue-green back that shows the grain of the wood.   $30.

All NeckBoards can be viewed and purchased through my website at


Sometimes, when I daydream, it isn’t about winning the lottery or looking younger or writing the great Canadian novel… I dream about tools. I dream of the perfect workshop, fully stocked with an unlimited supply of saw blades, drill bits and Dremil accessories. My dream workshop has plugs all over the place, professional grade power tools and lots of drawers, all full of tool supplies.

That’s for dreams though. My workshop is so far from perfect and my tools are banged up and old, but I love them all the same.

Here are the tools I use for making neckboards –>
My drill press. Couldn’t live without it – it’s a big mother and old, but it works well. I got it for a song from a kijiji listing. Beauty

I couldn’t do much with the drillpress without hole saws. Thes are the expensive items and continually need to be replaced. I pay more to get the premium carbide grit. They cost a lot more than the bimetal hole saws but the do a much better job and last a lot longer.

The premium


The bimetal holesaws


And I just LOVE these clamps! I wonder if they make any just like this only in different sizes. You can never have too many clamps.


If I could only have one tool, it would have to be my rotary tool(s). I have 3 of them, each for a different function and in a different place. One for sanding in the garage, one for fine drilling in the basement and one for everything else. All i need now is a never-ending supply of fine sanding rings and tiny drillbits – man, do I go through them quickly.


Finally, there is my belt sander. It is a newer addition to my toolbox and it has really helped in the rough sanding department.


Upcycle skateboards! Got a broken board for me?