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Neckboards on sale at the library

Take an hour on November 12th to drop by the Riverside Library…


She’s been around…

This baby has been rode hard. Handmade from a skateboard that looks like it has been around the world and back. Think about wearing all that speed and joy around your neck. Think about the stories this Neckboard could tell. It is the scrapes and the scuffs that make a Neckboard something special. Zebra stripes lilac and black…it’s an original!

Check out the rest of the latest batch of one-of-a-kind skateboard necklaces HERE


I finally managed to get a few new (broken, smashed, scuffed) skateboards! I advertised on kijiji and got a response fro “schizo skater”. He has several boards he’d trashed and was willing to donate to the cause. I met Schizo at a Tim Hortons and he was a real sweetheart. I gave him a couple of keychains with skateboard dongles and thanked him profusely. It really is great when someone is willing to help me out with a donation!

I can’t tell how much usable area I can get from each one, but it looks like I may get some interesting art.

It will be too hot for the next few days to get any cut up, but I’m almost finished working the grip tape off. It’s a dirty job.

hopefully, in 3 or 4 weeks, you’ll see me posting photos of the Neckboards I made from these boards.

Classic style

Black, white, brown and gold combine to create a semi-formal (yet still funky) Neckboard.  This baby has geometric style with a quirky little line diagram thrown in to mix it up.  The back of the Neckboard is natural maple and it rides on a thin line of nylon coated stainless steel.  The whole thing is held together by a super strong magnetic clasp and 2 onyx beads.   $30

Day Six

Neckboards can be purchased through my website at  Go to the SHOP tab.


Sometimes, when I daydream, it isn’t about winning the lottery or looking younger or writing the great Canadian novel… I dream about tools. I dream of the perfect workshop, fully stocked with an unlimited supply of saw blades, drill bits and Dremil accessories. My dream workshop has plugs all over the place, professional grade power tools and lots of drawers, all full of tool supplies.

That’s for dreams though. My workshop is so far from perfect and my tools are banged up and old, but I love them all the same.

Here are the tools I use for making neckboards –>
My drill press. Couldn’t live without it – it’s a big mother and old, but it works well. I got it for a song from a kijiji listing. Beauty

I couldn’t do much with the drillpress without hole saws. Thes are the expensive items and continually need to be replaced. I pay more to get the premium carbide grit. They cost a lot more than the bimetal hole saws but the do a much better job and last a lot longer.

The premium


The bimetal holesaws


And I just LOVE these clamps! I wonder if they make any just like this only in different sizes. You can never have too many clamps.


If I could only have one tool, it would have to be my rotary tool(s). I have 3 of them, each for a different function and in a different place. One for sanding in the garage, one for fine drilling in the basement and one for everything else. All i need now is a never-ending supply of fine sanding rings and tiny drillbits – man, do I go through them quickly.


Finally, there is my belt sander. It is a newer addition to my toolbox and it has really helped in the rough sanding department.


Dirty, oily, rusty can be so good

The old BARN – they don’t make them like this any more…

Another in THE GREAT INDOORS series

Be right back…

So sorry, I left my poor blog alone and went off with Twitter and other social media (fickle girl). I’ll be right back.

OLD, NEW fangled

mental Perhaps I’m stuck in a rut or maybe my fingers are just too fat but the tiny iphone keyboard typing is not sitting well with me.  I’m just not that fast and it’s driving me a bit batty when I want to make a quick list.  SO, I’m trying Mental Note and UYH.  Both seem to be working well for what I need.  No good really without a stylus…oh yes, I got one…love it!

I’m a cover girl

Looks like I’ll be working on the cover if Windsor’s Activity Guide Magazine for a few more seasons at least. I like being a cover girl.  Here are candidates of the next couple of covers.

 willistead 1central pool 1

Photo shoot at Central pool

Not a very exciting venue really.  there was only one spot that I could shoot and not get any swimmers in the picture.  This is a potential Activity Guide cover.  I’m not thrilled about the look, I hoping we can find something a bit more dynamic and with a bit more zing –  but I’m the photographer, not the client.  Hopefully, I can give just what they are looking for.

Just finished updating the website!

Two days of messing around, taking and editing photos and cursing at the mind-numbingness of e-commerce and content updating.  It’s done!  I think it will do…

Check it out !  Click here –  the neckboards are under the SHOP tab.

Red is red

Swinging neckboard on beautiful Allison

Polkadots are here!

One Neckboard from the funky new polkadot collection. Polka . . .Dot.