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Little Piper has taken over and is running me ragged, I spent the whole day today puffing and sweating about 2 steps behind her as she joyfully bounced and pounced herself from one event to another. To look at her, you’d think that butter wouldn’t melt…


We started off early by doing the puppy triathlon in an attempt to wear her out for her first solo car ride to see the Vet. I figured a half hour chasing a pink ball in the back yard, another half hour taking a brisk walk and a final half hour in a mad toy frenzy ought to do the trick. It certainly did the trick for me. I spent a half hour chasing Piper around the yard as she made lightning fast dashes between the ivy (toxic), the hose (quite tasty), the flowers (trampeling is fun) and the area I fenced because there was just too many dangers (forbidden areas are the most fun). But butter wouldn’t melt …


I’m sweaty and dirty and want to have a nap but we go for a walk and Piper is a fabulous walker! She didn’t go insane when she had a collar on and didn’t eat the leash and she occasionally walked in a straight line. Back home, she proceeds to pee the moment we return to the house, nice. The mad toy frenzy was just that – and I am dirtier and sweatier when it is over and time to go to the vet.

I can’t tell you about the car ride to the vet because it will make me relive the trauma.

At the vet’s office, she was a perfect little angel, and butter wouldn’t melt…


It is now 1 more car ride, 2 walks, 3 playtimes, 1 lawn mow, 1 house pee, 1 exploded stuffed toy and a load of laundry later and I don’t know about her but my neck and my ankle hurt, I’m still sweaty and dirty, I don’t think I have had anything to eat yet and I have to find the band-aids.


And I couldn’t be happier…did I tell you how smart she is? She learned to sit on command today…very advanced ya know…