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Peeking Aqua

Deep aqua peeks out from behind a smooth surface of black and white on today’s NeckBoard. Below a layer of crystal clear resin is yin and yang  – one side in tranquil white and the other in aqua, showing the distress of a well used skateboard.  Three layers of natural maple are sandwiched between two layers of aqua-stained maple on each side.  The silver magnetic clasp makes this NeckBoard a breeze to put on and remove…no more fiddling with tiny clasps.

Day Three

Purple scuff

The NeckBoard for today is a rare one.  Most of the skateboards I get are pretty well travelled – meaning they have been so scuffed and scraped and pounded that there is very little of the original “board art” left on them.  This board had some great art.  It is often the scuff marks that make it really special and give the NeckBoard a funky, unique look.  I love the scuffs on this baby!

Day Two

The NeckBoard-a-day campaign begins…

I am almost finished a new batch of NeckBoards – whew!  It was a long process this time because I was trying to squeeze all the cutting, sanding, painting, drilling, resining (is that a word?) and stringing in around a 10 week old puppy and her constant shenanigans.  To celebrate this milestone, today begins the “NeckBoard a day” campaign.  Each day, a new creation will be showcased.

Day One

Today’s NeckBoard is big and beautiful in black and gold and copper.  This is the largest size I make – not huge, just bold enough to make a statement.  Elegant and sophisticated, the jet black on this board contrasts nicely with the overlaid gold and copper.  Made from a recycled skateboard, it features alternating layers of light and dark maple and sports a blue-green back that shows the grain of the wood.   $30.

All NeckBoards can be viewed and purchased through my website at www.jenniferescott.com.


Sometimes, when I daydream, it isn’t about winning the lottery or looking younger or writing the great Canadian novel… I dream about tools. I dream of the perfect workshop, fully stocked with an unlimited supply of saw blades, drill bits and Dremil accessories. My dream workshop has plugs all over the place, professional grade power tools and lots of drawers, all full of tool supplies.

That’s for dreams though. My workshop is so far from perfect and my tools are banged up and old, but I love them all the same.

Here are the tools I use for making neckboards –>
My drill press. Couldn’t live without it – it’s a big mother and old, but it works well. I got it for a song from a kijiji listing. Beauty

I couldn’t do much with the drillpress without hole saws. Thes are the expensive items and continually need to be replaced. I pay more to get the premium carbide grit. They cost a lot more than the bimetal hole saws but the do a much better job and last a lot longer.

The premium


The bimetal holesaws


And I just LOVE these clamps! I wonder if they make any just like this only in different sizes. You can never have too many clamps.


If I could only have one tool, it would have to be my rotary tool(s). I have 3 of them, each for a different function and in a different place. One for sanding in the garage, one for fine drilling in the basement and one for everything else. All i need now is a never-ending supply of fine sanding rings and tiny drillbits – man, do I go through them quickly.


Finally, there is my belt sander. It is a newer addition to my toolbox and it has really helped in the rough sanding department.


October Neckboard

Percolated neckboard

Here’s a fresh brewed neckboard – just run through Percolator.   Mod…like my pants.   Ya baby.Percolated neckboard

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Away they go

All packaged up and ready to fly off to Calgary.  I’m always a bit sorry to see them go but pleased when someone is happy and excited to own a new Neckboard.

Polkadots are here!

One Neckboard from the funky new polkadot collection. Polka . . .Dot.

Around the neck

You asked for it, you’ve got it.  I’ve had a number of requests for pictures of some Neckboards around an actual neck.  Here are a few pix.   Neckboards are small, medium and large but all of them are as light as air.  Most of the ‘boards shown here are large.  Each is made from a well-used skateboard deck, hand cut, sanded 3 times, hand painted and finished with a layer of crystal clear resin.