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Layered gold

Could this complex gold on gold creation really have been a skateboard at one time? The seven layers of alternating light and dark maple showing on the side of the necklace say yes. Around your neck, this Neckboard looks more like liquid gold swirling in glass. Look closely at this stunning piece, you’ll see gold in 2 tones, hints of green and yellow peeking out from behind and black dots floating over top. The back of this necklace is maple, stained a medium grey and showing the wood grain. It’s deep…

Many more Neckboards are available for purchase at my website HERE All of these handmade beauties are carefully crafted, using the best materials. Saving broken skateboard decks and giving them a new life makes recycling a beautiful thing.

This is a keeper

This is my very favorite Neckboard of the last batch I made. I like it so much, I think I’ll have to keep it – that’s the only perk of being the artist. This is a Neckboard that looks equally fab with jeans or an evening gown. It has some great natural scuffs down the center, balanced by the smooth black and white on either side. It matches everything and looks great naked too!

I have a line on some new boards so look for another batch coming up in August sometime.


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