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She’s been around…

This baby has been rode hard. Handmade from a skateboard that looks like it has been around the world and back. Think about wearing all that speed and joy around your neck. Think about the stories this Neckboard could tell. It is the scrapes and the scuffs that make a Neckboard something special. Zebra stripes lilac and black…it’s an original!

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Big, bold, beautiful

Complexity. This large Neckboard has a lot going on. Purple is splashed across the surface to top up some premium scuff work done by a wild skater. Black calms the left side of the necklace down and provides a pool for four gold tadpoles to swim to the top. Gold rivets down the center hold it all together. Everyone sees something different when they look at this handmade necklace.


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Basic black and cool

Jet black and so smooth it looks as though it’s made of glass. This upcycled skateboard is cool, confident and ever-so-funky. Black is statement of the necklace, but little shoots of yellow, white dots and a quirky little red and white flag bring it up to another level. The board this Neckboard was made from was one of those seldom seen beauties, with layers of teal tinted maple sandwiched between natural wood. Finished off with a stainless steel cable and a great, no-fiddle magnetic clasp…nice.


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Here is one for a skater

This Neckboard is for a real skater. Almost all of the art on this necklace is clean deck art – hard to find on a well travelled board. Sharp, edgy, a real statement. The warm layers of maple beneath the funky deck art make an interesting contrast. People will take note of you with this handmade Neckboard floating around your neck on a thin, super strong, nylon covered stainless steel chord. $30.

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Jungle love

It’s dark in the jungle. Hints of sunlight light up the bright green leaves. Bamboo waves gently in the wind. This upcycled skateboard gives me the feeling of jungle. Some great scuffs add to the feeling of movement. Imagine this handmade Neckboard around your neck when you are stepping out wearing that cute little black dress. $30.

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Flutter by…

This Neckboard is unlike any other that I’ve made before. The art on the skateboard was completely scraped off from some hard riding so there was a blank canvas to work with. I thought I’d try something different. The butterfly flutters up from below to link up with circles and polkadots. Unique. $30.


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This is a keeper

This is my very favorite Neckboard of the last batch I made. I like it so much, I think I’ll have to keep it – that’s the only perk of being the artist. This is a Neckboard that looks equally fab with jeans or an evening gown. It has some great natural scuffs down the center, balanced by the smooth black and white on either side. It matches everything and looks great naked too!

I have a line on some new boards so look for another batch coming up in August sometime.


Almost 70 one-of-a-kind Neckboards are available now online Click here to get to my website