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Jungle love

It’s dark in the jungle. Hints of sunlight light up the bright green leaves. Bamboo waves gently in the wind. This upcycled skateboard gives me the feeling of jungle. Some great scuffs add to the feeling of movement. Imagine this handmade Neckboard around your neck when you are stepping out wearing that cute little black dress. $30.

This Neckboard and almost 70 other one of a kind creations can be purchased from my website. click here to go there –

Flutter by…

This Neckboard is unlike any other that I’ve made before. The art on the skateboard was completely scraped off from some hard riding so there was a blank canvas to work with. I thought I’d try something different. The butterfly flutters up from below to link up with circles and polkadots. Unique. $30.


All Neckboards are handmade from recycled skateboards. You can access the Neckboard shop through my website click here to go there now