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I took a walk downtown

On Sunday, I went to the Made in Windsor Craft Market and took a walk downtown.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, downtown can be a beautiful place.

I’m a cover girl

Looks like I’ll be working on the cover if Windsor’s Activity Guide Magazine for a few more seasons at least. I like being a cover girl.  Here are candidates of the next couple of covers.

 willistead 1central pool 1

Photo shoot at Central pool

Not a very exciting venue really.  there was only one spot that I could shoot and not get any swimmers in the picture.  This is a potential Activity Guide cover.  I’m not thrilled about the look, I hoping we can find something a bit more dynamic and with a bit more zing –  but I’m the photographer, not the client.  Hopefully, I can give just what they are looking for.

Willistead Manor upstairs dining room


Willistead downstairs

Ready for the wedding