Mountain and ridge hiking is exciting, challenging and, once you reach the top, awe inspiring. But my favourite hikes on this trip to Oahu have been the costal hikes. Coastal hikes are less strenuous that climbing and that is a major plus for my over-used knees. I love the music of the waves that accompanies me as I walk and the ever-changing face of the craggy shore being shaped and changed by the constant pounding of Oahu's famous waves.

Here are a few shots from some of the costal hikes…



I had such well intentioned plans – every day I was going to hike all day and come home and write a short post about the hike at night. Apparently, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. No posts for days. But not for lack of material. The hikes and scenery have been exotic, craggy, lava strewn, green, lush and visually stunning. Our hikes have taken us past total extremes in landscape.

Each day of hiking begins the same way. We mean to get up and get going early…really early this time! After farting around and losing stuff and changing our minds and generally wasting time, we finally get on the road … and drive to Starbucks. We stop at Starbucks to get our morning jolt and because Marianna has a $100 Hawaii Starbucks card – that requires another post to explain.

Monday, January 26

Today we hiked in a huge botanical garden. Situated on lush 400 acres in Kaneohe, at the foot of the majestic Ko'olau Mountain Range, the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden is a peaceful park (and dense jungle!) that is home to hundreds of plant species, divided into geographical regions as diverse as the Philippines, Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Tropical America, Polynesia, Melanesia and Hawaii. There are miles of roads, paths and tracks to be explored…and we did! It was overwhelming to be walking through such an abundance of flora and fauna.

I introduced Marianna to geocaching. We had a great time tracking down this cache called Chips Ahoy.
We walked and walked and walked surrounded buy some of the most lush, varied and beautiful vegetation I have seen.


A three hour tour…

The first item in preplanning of course is the pedicure. Must take those feet from lobster claws to fabulous and make them ready for prime time. I feel sorry for the little Chinese lady who had to toil away over my 10 little piggies. But Marianna's lady said hers were worse…

They turned out pretty well…considering.
All packed and finally off! We managed to make it across the boarder, even though Marianna was driving. Even driving at 3 miles an hour, we still managed to jump a couple of curbs. My heart was beating hard when we realized that we were in the truck lane at customs and Marianna pulled a giant U-turn and drove across 7 lanes and all the way across the Customs plaza. I'm surprised they didn't take us and for possible drunkenness.

The flight from Detroit to LA was packed. Marianna and I found our seat and were arranging our carry-on baggage when a very, very large man, smelling strongly of garlic sat down in our little row of three.

No problem, we decided that we would switch seats half way through the flight so that neither Marianna nor I had to spend the entire flight squashed Against a sweaty fat garlicky man. We could never have predicted the nightmare that would follow on this fateful flight.…




No, I haven't fallen down a rabbit hole…after our hair-raising adventures on the way here, you might think that we'd never go out again but we have been all over the island. The problem with getting a post done seems to be staying awake long enough after dinner to prepare one. I have plenty of photos and video for you…if I could just stay up after a long day outside. The connection isn't great here for uploading videos. I hope to post one soon though.

In the mean time – although I don't have time to provide the background, here is a brief snapshot of the past couple of days…a teaser.








Back in the land where there is electricity and occasional Internet – I can start sending the occasional missive.

Ok, it’s was ridiculously, stupendously, awesomely, jaw droppingly beautiful (seriously, there aren’t enough superlatives….. So from now on just insert your own from now on). The landscape we walked through today was stunning. Much of the time we simply walked in silence, just drinking it in. I am afraid that our photos can’t begin to do it justice. There is a vastness that can’t be captured.

We will do a quick review of the day here and there is another other post (Green Tangbe) that is also part of today’s hike.


A 7 am start takes us through the village of Kangbeni, north towards Chhusang.


The village is waking up, taking the goats through the village and up into the mountains for the day



The rising sun shines on the mountain…

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Neckboards on sale at the library

Take an hour on November 12th to drop by the Riverside Library…


In praise of rusty things…

Myths, like art, are attempts to catch a glimpse of undiscovered country. They take everyday existence and transform it into something remarkable. It is through these stories that misfortunes are transformed into adventures, attractions are transformed into everlasting love, and the process of life and death is transformed into a magnificent mechanism that operates beyond our line of sight.”     ~Michael deMeng

The following photographs are a series that studies what was left behind.

I find color,  interest and design in the chaos.  My eye wants to wander around –  follow the lines, find the small things, look for treasure.

rusty things-8

rusty things-9rusty things-16

rusty things-10

rusty things-12

rusty things-19

rusty things-18

rusty things-27

rusty things-21

rusty things-23

rusty things-22

rusty things-20

rusty things-26

rusty things-15